Eating disorders counselling

I have a vast amount of experience working with people with various eating disorders including Complulsive overeating, Binge eating disorder, Anorexia, Bulmia, Orthorexia and EDNOS. Eating disorder counselling is my speciality and a huge passion of mine. I am the Senior Eating Disorder consultant at Start2Stop London where I facilitate weekly eating disorders support groups and work with individuals with eating disorders. 

My own personal belief is that an eating disorder is an enmeshment of a client's emotional world with what I refer to as "food and weight land". Amazingly eating disorders have nothing to do with food and weight. They simply serve as a communication, protection and comfort for many sufferers.

I work along side a dietician to ensure nutritional needs are being met and addressed which leaves me free to support clients around their emotional world.

I am in daily contact with eating disorder clients as they learn to detangle their emotions from their food and weight. The goal of counselling is to separate their emotions from their food and weight and learn how to manage their emotions in a healthier way.

I promote normal healthy balanced eating with freedom from rules of an eating disorder. 


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