Recovery and The Festive Season - TOP TIPS

Christmas and New years can be a daunting time for people in early recovery from alcohol who are practising abstinence. Here's some top tips for getting through those family occasions and parties....

1. Remember you can say no. Your recovery is paramount and people will need to understand your safety is key!

2. Surround yourself with people you feel comfortable with or at least if you have to attend an event, see if you can get a plus one and take someone with who is sympathetic to your situation.

3. Rehearse what you will say if someone offers you alcohol.

4. Always have a soft drink in your hand. People are less likely to ask you if you want a drink if you already have one.

5. Remember it is just another day. Do the same things for your recovery on Christmas and News years that you would do on any other day. 

6.Have a planned escape route for if you feel vulnerable. Do not rely on other people for transport or commit yourself to being a designated drivers for other in case you need to leave.


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