May 2024

I am so pleased with what I have achieved in my therapy with Jodie. I am in a totally different space but I also know its an ongoing journey of self reflection and action. I also know that I do not need to be perfect and there is no destination. I feel so much lighter and so much relief by being kinder to myself whilst also having learnt a lot more skills to manage my ADHD and anxiety levels.  I have gained so much more insight into myself. Jodie is lovely and such a safe pair of hands. She is also really knowledgeable.

Novemeber 2023

I came to see Jodie after coming out of an abusive marriage. It had destroyed my sense of self and trust in other people. I have spent eighteen months in therapy and not only have I addressed the initial reasons I entered therapy, but I actually feel like a stronger, more robust woman as I result of it. 

July 2023 Anon

Finding Jodie has been an absolute blessing. She is an outstanding therapist whose approach has been incredibly transformative to my life and who exudes compassion, warmth, intelligence, intuition, empathy and kindness. She has guided me to reposition core beliefs and even more so given me the tools to manage anxiety (that I had previously found debilitating). I will forever be grateful to have found this exceptional human and can not recommend herself enough.

June 2023 Anon

The work Jodie has done with me, the therapy, guidance, support and coping mechanisms has been invaluable to my development and growth. I am a different person to the one who walked through the door 3 years ago, much happier, regulated, more successful. Before meeting Jodie I had worked with other therapists but just found it was a lot of talking with no insight, tools or solutions, her approach is second to none. I am so grateful to her for all of the help she has given me and she will never understand the positive substantial impact she has had on my life. I continue to work with Jodie through EMDR and talking therapy.

June 2023 Anon

When I reached out to Jodie I was heavily struggling with my mental health, I had challenges with my behaviours, emotional regulation and self doubt. I knew something wasn’t right and these unhealthy patterns and behaviours were impacting every area of my life and exacerbating the responses. After a while of working with Jodie she suggested I may have ADHD, the diagnosis and medication alongside EMDR therapy has transformed my awareness and how I operate. I was sceptical about EMDR and it took a fair amount of research and conversation with Jodie before I was happy to try. EMDR addresses the trauma and sets into motion the removal of the triggers from that trauma, Jodie guided me through from the moment of impact to safety.

June 2023 Anon

I can’t imagine many situations where Jodie would not provide significant value.
Jodie offers space; to talk, explore, to challenge, to grow, all under a blanket of kindness and empathy, free of the kind of judgement one experiences in daily life. Her aim is clear; to understand what has come before, work with where you’re at now, and to help you evolve in the future.
She isn’t always passive, which I find valuable. She isn’t didactic, rather she will remind you of your goals, nudge you when you stray from them, and push you towards healthier ways of thinking and acting in the long-term.
Most importantly, whether you’re going backwards, forwards, or treading water, Jodie will turn up with the same vigour and tools to help.

June 2023 Anon

I first started seeing Jodie after my doctor suggested I speak to someone after dealing with a highly demanding job during the pandemic. In the last 2 years, Jodie has helped me turn my mental health around not only through the regular sessions but with the techniques I can use in my day-to-day life. I have learnt a lot about myself and now value the importance of taking care of my mental health thanks to working with Jodie. She has always made me feel comfortable during sessions and has helped me develop the tools I need when dealing with stress. I’m not sure I would have been able to turn things around without her but I have found her sessions have become part of my ongoing routine and I look forward to my sessions with her.

November 2022 Anon F

I started seeing Jodie a bit over a year ago due to traumas as well as anxiety with depressive episodes. I had never heard of EMDR before and had really tried all kinds of therapy that seemed to do nothing but temporary relief. Jodie not only is an amazing therapist and an expert in what she does but gave me the safe space to fully open for the first time with therapy. I kept saying to myself that I wasn’t ready to open-up about certain things in my past, but I think I just hadn’t found the right therapist and treatment plan to do that with. EMDR was difficult at times, I remember having sometimes to decompress at home for a solid day to process everything as it brings everything to the surface but once you keep getting through it, with Jodie’s full support, you can start feeling the change. I worked through several traumas of mine, some taking longer than others to get through… it took around a year to get through it all, but it gave me something I am eternally grateful for, which is inner peace and confidence in myself. For anyone suffering from anxiety or traumas, I highly suggest EMDR, even though it might not be the easiest process – it is temporary – and if anything, necessary to be able to fully understand oneself. It is a holistic process, tackling the unconscious and everything that has been kept repressed but also presently teaching you about yourself and the “why’s” to so many questions, questions I kept asking myself throughout my entire life. I really thank Jodie and her expertise for the person I have become. Anxiety will always be a part of me but after EMDR, I am able to cope with it, see myself differently, and most importantly move forward.

July 2022 Anon F39

I have CFS and have really struggled to come to terms with this. Jodie has been pivotal in helping me to process this, grieve lost time and accept where I am now. We have also done some trauma work and I feel like this combination has slowly helped me. Aside from this Jodie is actually just one of the most caring people I have ever met and has a heart of gold.

July 2022 Anon F35

After years of feeling I did not quite fit in and a whole host of other junk in my brain, I finally decided to see a therapist.  I saw a few Doctors over the years but nothing ever seemed to work. I found therapy hard to start and was not really sure what I needed to do. It has been a slow process but I have discovered I am an austitic.  What a realisation this has been for me! I feel a huge relief and finally feel able to make sense of myself and like I fit in somewhere. I am not just defective!!!!! Jodie has been so kind and really helped me to accept my diagnosis in an affirming way and also helped me to identify adaptations, access appropriate support and find better ways to manage in the areas I find hard. We also speak about my strengths and Jodie just provides a place I feel safe enough to talk without judgement. 

March 2022 Anon M 

Working with Jodie has been transformative which is not overstating it. She is kind and compassionate whilst still being effective. I feel very lucky to have found her as I don’t think many therapists would have got me to where she has got me to. Everyone needs a Jodie!

Oct 2021 Anon F

Jodie recommended I try EMDR therapy as she felt it would help with deep rooted associations I had from things that had happened in the past. She went through the process with me very clearly explaining each step and how I might feel during the therapy. I found it to be incredibly helpful and it made me see things so clearly that I hadn’t realised before. The course of EMDR ended when I got to a point where the past issues were very clear and did not upset me anymore. At the time, even though I felt so much better I didn’t trust the feeling and that I would really change and I thought the negativity and anxiety would come back. But it has been a few months now and I have noticed I am not carrying around that negativity anymore. I feel so much lighter and happier in myself and as a person, and the people and triggers that used to affect me and in a way control so much of my life are not concerns anymore. And it shows. Since lockdown finally ending and being able to meet up again with people I haven’t seen for almost two years, so many have told me how well I look and that I seem so happy and in a really good place and it’s all because of the therapy I had. I would highly recommend EMDR and Jodie for anyone who does want to work through things.

 June 2021 Anon F

Jodie fundamentally helped me to get back up and to start recovery when I was stuck in an eating disorder (anorexia). Since our very first session, she has been a huge support for me. Jodie is extremely sensitive, honest, approachable, and intelligent. She cares a lot about her clients like no other therapist I have met before. Besides, Jodie is incredibly knowledgeable and has a great expertise with eating disorders. I would like to deeply thank Jodie for her work. It has been a true pleasure to work with her.

Jan 2021 Anon F48

I started working with Jodie in April 2020 during the first lockdown. I was sceptical about working with someone online and whether it would be as effective. Thankfully despite initial doubts, I now don't know how I would on managed otherwise. Jodie has supported me to learn how to support myself through such a difficult period. She's been a source of comfort, laughs and has helped me to understand and normalise my feelings. She has also helped me to tune into my own needs and take action. It feels very strange to have had such a wonderful experience with someone I have never even met in person.  

June 2020 Anon M38

Jodie is patient and supportive. This relationship of trust allows me to talk to her about my past and my fears and this has been the foundation of my recovery. With her knowledge and expertise, she is able to talk me through my eating disorder, why I've developed certain habits and how I can develop a more positive relationship to food and my body. Jodie has gone above and beyond to help me with all my problems. She really cares about my recovery and has done far more than she needs to. I would be lost without her help.

June 2020 Anon F

I've worked with Jodie for over two years now, she's a brilliant therapist. Intuitive, generous, warm, insightful and always bespoke in her approach. Working with her has been transformational in terms of my recovery and ongoing development in life. I would highly recommend her as a therapist.

June 2020 Anon F

Jodie has been a vital and transformative part of recovery. Since meeting Jodie my eating disorder and general view of myself has changed in a way I could never have imagined it would. I’m so grateful to have met her and I feel like she really cares and knows me. I really can’t speak highly enough of her as a person and a therapist.

June 2020 Anon F41

It’s 3 years since we last saw each other and have had any contact and I know this is "out of the blue" but I can’t tell you have much those sessions with you have changed my life. They were painful at times but I always felt this was more than just a job for you and felt genuinely loved, held, respected and cared for by you. You have taught me so much about attachment, trust, love, self care, self respect and boundaries. Sometimes we forget to say thanks to those who have had a positive impact on our lives.  So a massive ‘Thank You’ from me to you always.

October 2019 Anon M

Jodie, Thank you for all your help over the last year. It’s been an interesting journey but your patience, dedication and passion was so evident from the moment I met you and I have always felt in safe hands with you. Wishing you all the best for the future. 

March 2019 Anon F

I am grateful to have found Jodie as she has helped me a lot these past couple of years. Jodie is the longest therapist I have had, before her I went through several therapists that lasted a few months each. Jodie has got a good balance of being nurturing and also direct. She never hesitates to tell it how it is, but doing it in a way that doesn't make me defensive and instead more open minded to listen.

After seeing Jodie for a year I also did EMDR. EMDR trauma therapy is not fun and you feel pretty rubbish during and after, then one day you feel ok. There wasn't one session where I didn't feel overwhelmed with emotions. 

Although EMDR is really difficult, it has really helped me with my trauma around the abuse from my grandmother as a child and can honestly say that there has been a huge shift in my confidence and feeling comfortable in my own skin. It feels great to be able to say that I deserve to be loved and am super awesome without feeling awkward about it.

Sept 2018 Anon M32

I experienced a horrendous trauma a few years ago which was still causing significant issues for me on a daily basis. My psychiatrist referred me to Jodie and when she spoke about EMDR I was skeptical. I have just finished processing one trauma and after 12 weekly sessions I literally can not believe the difference. Jodie made me feel safe through the entire process which was difficult at times. The trauma now feels totally different and I feel less reactive to the things that used to trigger me. I feel like I am safe in the world again. Thank you thank you thank you....eternally grateful

June 2018 Anon F37

I came to Jodie for help with Binge eating disorder in 2016. Less than two years later my life has totally transformed. I now trust myself to eat what I want, when I want, when I want it and to ask for help when I need it which I sometimes do. I have no restrictions and can not ever imagine dieting being a part of my life again.

Jodie helped me through a meal plan, an ADHD diagnosis at 37, depression, interpersonal relationship woes and a career transformation. She guided me in developing emotional self regulation and confronting a deep seated belief that I was worthless. I now have a career in something  I love, stable relationships in which I have a voice, and a loving and secure sense of myself and my own value within the world. I cannot stress her value enough-without her I doubt I would have made it. With her, I finally moving toward fulfilling my potential- as I envision it. 

May 2018 Anon M

Jodie is by far the best therapist I have ever seen; never gets frustrated with the inevitable ups and downs of my recovery. Jodie is professional at all times yet genuinely caring and has always provided me with a safe environment where I can express my true feelings without fear of judgement  or invalidation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jodie even if you think you have tried everything.

February 2018 Anon F53

I was referred to Jodie through my medical insurance having never seen a therapist before and feelings somewhat nervous about doing so. She has helped me to reframe and make sense of some really difficult events in my life and has been an incredible support to me in the last few months. I will miss our sessions and thank you for all you have done.

October 2017 Anon M36

I have been working with Jodie since last September 2016. I went to see her after being diagnosed with anxiety. She helped me to understand my anxiety, helped me to understand my behaviour and helped me to find ways of managing it. She is really human and you can tell she really does care. I have laughed and cried in sessions with her and really do trust her. I am so grateful to have found her. I don't see her as often anymore but I know if I have a hiccup she is there for me. 

September 2017 Anon F

I have struggled with Bulimia, self harm and depression for years and really felt beyond help. Other people I knew had seen Jodie before as she is well known for facilitating a local eating disorders group. I am not really sure why I was resistant to seeing her but i am so pleased I did. In the last few months I have come a long way with her input and the other people involved in my care that she referred me to. Its really hard to explain how she works but from the moment I met her I felt really supported and cared for. That's not to say she would not challenge me because she would, but you always know its coming from the best place. 

February 2017 Anon F19

My experience with Jodie has been life changing. It is not often you come across someone who you can instantly trust and is easy to confide in. The sessions are  friendly and in a calm atmosphere where you feel completely relaxed. Choosing Jodie to be my counsellor has been one of the best life choices I have ever made.

February 2017 Anon F31

I have only been seeing Jodie for a short time but the first thing I noticed is just how insightful she is. Jodie was able to get a really good understanding of me and give me helpful advice from the first session. I have been to many therapists in the past and I have never experienced anyone as kind, understanding, welcoming and insightful as Jodie. Jodie is very wise and non judgemental and I highly recommend her.

December 2016 Anon F25

In terms of you and what you did for me, you really have been my point of reference. I have seen a few therapists out here but did not like any of them. I miss your approach. In all of this you have been my rock, my guardian angel. 

November 2016 Anon F20

I have only been having counselling sessions with Jodie for about three months now, but already I feel so understood, and so supported through my struggles with depression, anxiety and an eating disorder. In sessions, she picks up on the smallest detail and is able to find underlying issues that are causing me to struggle with day-to-day life. Afterwards, my mind feels more connected and I feel more in tact with myself again.  I'm very grateful to have found Jodie, as she has helped me so much in my first few months of University.

May 2016 Anon F39

Jodie has been my eating disorder therapist for the last few years. She has acted as the keystone of my support whilst I made the difficult transition of coming out of an inpatient unit into home life again. She is caring, committed and professional and has the tools to deal with the complexity of any eating disorder. Without her I do not know where I would be. I can not recommend her enough!

November 2014 Anon M28

Caring, insightful, challenging and compassionate are the words that spring to mind! Jodie has walked by my side for my entire recovery journey so far and with her help I am two years sober.

Oct 2014 Anon M55

I was in such a mess before I met Jodie. My anxiety was ruining my life.  I am now living my life again...its not always easy but I am in a far better place thanks to the tools I received in counselling. 




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