People often ask me about my job and I tend not to get much time to think about it between balancing work and three children. Someone I met asked me again this weekend. How did I get into my work? Do I like it? Don't I cry all the time? etc, etc. Aside from that I always find at this time of year I start becoming reflective in the lead up to year end.

The truth is I love my job! I feel incredibly blessed to do what I do. It is busy, intense, sad, frustrating and beyond beautiful at times. I get to work with people struggling with all different issues or a combination of depression, anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, trauma, grief to name but a few difficulties. Everyone I meet is different and every relationship I form with a client is different along with the work they are needing to do with me. No two days are ever the same in my job. Its only when I speak to some other people and they talk about hating there job that i remember how lucky I am. 

In the last year I have continued to work for the treatment centre I have been at for the last 5 years, just one day a week. I get to continue running the eating disorders groups there and working with that client base which I am passionate about. I love being part of the team who are awesome! I am also loving having a busy private practice and the variety of people I get to meet and play a part of there processes. I have met some amazing professionals this year because of my practice who share my love for psychotherapy and counselling.

Next year I will be starting my EMDR training so I can have more skills to support people through trauma. I am really excited about this. 

Lastly I want to just say thank you to Kim who does my admin and somehow manages to organise me and navigate my world of paperwork. Not an easy thing to do!!!

Wishing everyone a great festive season which will soon be upon us!




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